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01.08.24  20:00

שירי נשים - WOMEN'S SONGS - פרויען ס לידער
Zadní synagoga

11.07.24  18:00

כי בעולם האנושי יש גם אלוהים וגם אהבה

Because God and Love are in the Human World: a lecture concert of Jewish songs between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa

Zita Honzlová & Badr Tachouche

MFF KLATOVY 2024 in cooperation with Městská knihovna Klatovy

Refektář jezuitské koleje Klatovy 



21.02.23 18:00

16/10/22 18:00

Get to know your translator: Tomáš Havel and Michala Marková
French chansons performed by Zita Honzlova
French Institute in Prague - Media Library
Escape from the country - escape from home - literary program (Iryna Zahladko, Alexei Sevruk) will connect Yiddish songs by Ukrainian authors
space in front of the Municipal Library Prague - Mariánské náměstí

09.10.22 18:00

25.06.22 11:00, repeat 14:00

Hebrew and Yiddish songs
Church of the Brethren
Masarykova 2083 - opposite the Prague - Čelákovice railway station
Jewish Music and Singing - The sacred and the profane in Hebrew and Yiddish songs
program within the Strážnice 2022 IFF
Strážnice Synagogue

04/05/22 18:00

Get to know your translator: Libor Dvořák and Alexej Sevruk
Zita Honzlová connects Yiddish with songs
(A)VOID Floating Gallery - Prague

02/04/22 18:00

Hebrew and Yiddish songs
Church of the Czech Brethren Evangelical Church - Klášter nad Dědinou

25.03.22 18:00

Hebrew and Yiddish songs
Jesuit college refectory - Klatovy City Library

01.03.22 20:00

Zita Honzlová - Hebrew and Yiddish songs
Bar Kulovna - Prague

01.02.22 18:00

Get to know your translator: Lenka Bukovská and Radka Smejkalová
+ Zita Honzlová - Hebrew songs.
(A) VOID CAFÉ - Prague

07.01.20 18:00

Holocaust Remembrance Day - Hebrew and Yiddish Songs
House Na Sboře - Turnov

29/09/19 14:00

Rosh Hashanah 5780: Holiday concert of Hebrew and Yiddish songs
Děčín Synagogue

27/05/18 16:00

Memorial event to honor the victims of the Holocaust - Hebrew and Yiddish songs Zadní synagoga - Třebíč

25/03/18 14:00

Easter in Prague 4 - Zita Honzlová: Jewish songs
KC Novodvorská - Prague

10/13/17 5:00 p.m

Recital of Hebrew and Yiddish songs
Krnov Synagogue

26/07/17 20:30

Hebrew & Yiddish songs and French chansons
Gallery FLEXUP - Prague - private event
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